What is ‘’Linq’’ technology?

Our firms has 10+ years experience on Tech and Advertisement. Our ’’ Linq ’'technology will help you to monetize analytics of your campaign. You will be able to monitor your campaign details secure&fast.

How does Virallinq work?
  1. Our accepted influencers can apply to the brand campaigns that offered to them.
  2. A special ‘’linq’' will be created for the members whose applications for the campaigns are accepted.
  3. Each of our members share their unique link created for themselves through social media channels. They will be able to monetize analytics of their campaign through the platform.
  4. The amount determined according to the conditions of the campaign is paid to our member at the end of the month.
How can I become a member?

You can make your membership by following the necessary steps from our site.

I'm a member, how do I add my social media accounts?

Just add the accounts that you actively use on social media by following the verification steps requested from you in the dashboard. Once your accounts are approved, you'll be able to view campaigns from brands.

Why has my account become passive?

As Virallinq, our goal is to turn content generation into a model that will generate regular revenue for you. However, the account of the users who enter their personal information incorrectly and violate the general code of ethics during the working period with the brands becomes passive. In addition, accounts with false followers, likes and comments, accounts with a different identity with Virallinq member ID, accounts with very few shares and non-active shares are not approved during the membership stage and become passive when detected in the following stages. If your account has become inactive even if this is not the case, you can contact us at hello@virallinq.com.

How are my campaign applications approved?

Campaigns are created by brands and controlled by the brand managers.

Can I delete my post through the campaign?

Your earnings during the campaign are directly proportional to the number and quality of shares you make. If you delete your post, you won't be able to monetize this campaign.

I applied for the campaign but my approval was delayed, what can I do?

The approvals you expect through Virallinq will be finalized within 24 hours at the latest and will be returned to you. Depending on the intensity of brands, this period is sometimes extended. If you do not receive a positive or negative response within 48 hours, you can contact us at hello@virallinq.com.

I can't see the campaign which I could see before, why?

Campaigns are created by brands and after a certain period of time it might removed from the publication. Applications accepted within this period cannot be terminated without informing you. However, campaigns that you do not apply for may be terminated according to the wishes of the brands.

What happens if I'm accepted into a campaign and I don't share anything?

Our members are charged at the rate of returns received from their shares. If you do not make any sharing, you will not earn any fees.

Are there any age restrictions?

You must be at least 18 years old or have written permission from a parent or guardian.

How are payments made?

Please fill in your bank information in the section where you edit your profile information on dashboard. Your payments are made in the last week of each month in accordance with the information specified there.

Do I have to pay taxes for the money I earn?

Virallinq does not deduct tax on your earnings. The amount you earn by participating in campaigns will be fully credited to your bank account. The tax on your earnings is paid to the state by us on your behalf.